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Weight Loss for Flemington – Take Shape for Life

Dr. John Dowling and Dr. Helen McWeeny are proud to be Certified Health Coaches with Take Shape for Life, an Optimal Health program with the highest success in permanent, life long weight loss and control in the country.  This optimal health program is the #1 doctor recommended program in the United States. It has been endorsed by over 20,000 doctors and utilized by over 1 million people. The program is clinically validated by studies at such prestigious institutions as Johns Hopkins and the National Institute of Health.

Dr. John and Dr. Helen know the program works: Dr. John lost 60 lbs. over 4 years ago and has kept if off. Since then we have worked with hundreds of people to help them lose weight, keep it off, and get off diabetic, high blood pressure, cholesterol medications and such medical devices like CPAP machines.

We Know that Losing Weight is Hard

Keeping it off is even harder. That’s why you get free coaching and support and you’ll not only get to a healthy weight, but you’ll learn the six simple Habits of Health that make keeping your weight off a natural part of every day eating, rather than counting points, calories or weighing. Once you are at your goal, you’ll eat the foods you are used to, but you’ll do it in a new way that keeps you thin and healthy.

We offer educational talks and webinars every month. If you or someone you love needs to lose weight and get healthy, please ask
about our next talk or webinar!

Sound interesting? Please contact our Flemington chiropractic office to make an appointment today.