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Flemington Chiropractors
Dr. John Dowling & Dr. Helen McWeeny

Welcome to Family Chiropractic Center!

welcome-to-dr-john-helenDr. John Dowling, Dr. Helen McWeeny and Family Chiropractic Center take pride in helping people achieve healthier lives. We utilize low force, non-popping methods of adjusting as well as more traditional approaches. Beyond pain relief, we want our patients to have the opportunity to make permanent, lasting positive health changes in their lives.

We Strive to Deliver Care that Changes Lives!

We focus on helping people with chronic conditions, whether they have tried chiropractic before or not.

In addition to chiropractic care, we have incorporated the “Take Shape for Life Optimal Health and Weight Loss” program in our practice. Take Shape for Life is the number one physician recommended permanent weight loss solution in the United States. It excites us that amongst the hundreds of people we’ve helped to lose weight permanently, we’ve had the pleasure of helping two of our best friends lose over 100 lbs each and keep it off, changing their entire lives.

Interested in Learning More about Chiropractic and Your Health?

We’re ready to help guide you on your journey towards a healthy life through chiropractic care! Take some time to look around our website and then give our Flemington chiropractic office a call to schedule an appointment and get started today!

Dr. John Dowling and Dr. Helen McWeeny | Flemington Chiropractors | (908) 788-5050